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Upper GI

An Upper GI is a test, which is done to take pictures of the upper stomach related framework – the throat, stomach, and duodenum. Considering rest of the parts of the small digestive tract is essential, a little inside finish can be added to the test. These structures are seen amid the examination, and the pictures are likewise something aside for additional audit on X-beam film or as excellent pictures.

Needs an Upper GI Series


Our Doctors will advise you to have a fasting prior to the test. Your stomach must be vacant because nourishment makes it difficult to see your GI tract on X-beams. On the off chance that you are hypersensitivities tell specialist and take pills.

During process

In this procedure, we don’t place any gadgets or instruments inside your body, and you’ll be alerted. An upper GI may influence you to feel a little enlarged or crampy. To begin, you are supposed to drink an uncommon fluid with barium. It would seem like a milkshake, yet doesn’t much pose a flavour like one. This coats the covering of your GI tract, so it’s less demanding to see.

The specialist will take some X-beams during the course. In case you’re having a sort of UGI called as twofold difference arrangement, you’ll additionally swallow some fizzy tablets. They will increase your gas level to extend your stomach for a superior view. They may influence you to need to burp, yet make an effort not to. The expert will take more X-beams.


  • Drink lots of water that help to flush out the barium.


The test can show