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CUH Central United Hospital offers a range of clinical and medical services including the treatment of traumatic conditions which happens to be the recurrence of certain clinical or medical situations that can linger progressively over time in people. And it can as well emerge in a form of accumulated distress which can render the sufferer overwhelmingly and severely conflicted either as an acute psychological condition or severe physical injury. The consequences that can accompany a traumatic condition could either be physical, emotional, psychological, mental etc related depending on the cause of it.

Notably, at CUH Central United Hospital, traumatic conditions are not only internally taken care of by our team of medical professionals but cater to patients suffering from physical injury caused by trauma. Interestingly, we are aware that experiences induced by trauma can linger on as an incurable clinical condition in the mind of the sufferer to an extent that it could impair the individual from performing simple basic life tasks. It could as well be traumatic experiences; whereby the individual becomes uncontrollably convulsive, due to the remembrance of the ugly event that triggered it.

However, we are also very much concerned about acute traumatic conditions, which are somewhat incurable, especially those ones that are extremely severe. A major point worthy of note about us is that we are versatile enough to treat both chronic and minor traumatic conditions. For a traumatic patient be treated of the ailment, he/she must be willing to open up to the available procedures, therapy, and regimen put in place by our team of medical and clinical experts.

Essential service also renders to our esteemed patients by providing them relevant information about trauma. In the sense that, we are aware of the level of negligence most traumatic patients shows by becoming too unresponsive to avail themselves for treatment. More so, others are ignorant of the condition they are beset with, thereby making it difficult for them to be brought for treatment.

The Traumatic condition should be handled proactively; so that the potential damage it might likely cause can be treated or cured if gone beyond treatable level. And there should be public awareness campaign and sensitization programs put in place by the group of individual organizations as usually conducted by CUH Central United Hospital to educate the public about traumatic conditions such as the causes, symptoms, and treatments of trauma.

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