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Physiotherapy can be viewed as a medical profession which is saddled with the responsibility of improving mobility as well as function while also helping the body in its self-healing process. This is achieved by the physiotherapist via the use of clinical reasoning with a view to make of the right treatment and apply it for the main aim.

CUH Multi Specialty Physiotherapy center is one center which is stocked with the latest in terms of equipment as well as skilled staff and technology that is enough to make available the right type of treatment for diverse injuries as well as pains in Ahmedabad. We offer our clients the best in terms of timeliness as well as affordability of service for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and every other major kinds of injury.

Here at CUH physiotherapy center, we make it a point of duty to carry our total and comprehensive evaluation for the purpose of assessing the condition and then draw up a plan for the right kind of treatment. We ensure to search out the root cause and thereafter help you in the recovery process using the most natural of ways without any sign of side effects.

With our active and experienced team, we should be able to make available physiotherapy treatment as far as any type of sport related injuries is concerned. This applies for the initial acute stage which occurs at the onset of an injury to the point where the athlete is ready to begin playing again.


Physiotherapy can assist you in

  • Becoming more flexible and stronger
  • Improved freedom of mobility and movement
  • Breathe easier
  • Lower pains
  • Avert injuries
  • Remain active

CUH Multi specialty Physiotherapy center work in