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We are providing excellent eye care service by the current best practices. We are providing the latest technological diagnostic services and well-equipped facilities to the patient. We have highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologist and ophthalmological surgeons. We planned to provide fast and accurate diagnostic and treatment care to the patients along with minor surgeries, we offered a wide range of outdoor and indoor services included with laser treatment, casualty clinic, photodynamic therapy, Botox services, etc.


We make available an extended expert services as well as treatments for a whole lot of sight related issues which includes:

Inpatient services

Hospitals are saddled with the responsibility of making available a number of day stay and inpatient care facilities.

We give you total and full inpatient, outpatient, as well as day stay care provisions for our patients which is composed of a ten bedded ward for anyone in need of staying over the night.

Outpatient services

Hospitals make available a number of ophthalmic clinics which composes of specialist clinics which handles certain defined conditions which includes diabetes, glaucoma, or children eye problems.

It may take some time to actually get to see each and every one of our patients in a number of our specialized wings hence there may be times when unavoidable delays occur. We do thank you for your patience when such situations come up. Occasionally, it will even be quite necessary for you to be sighted at a hospital which is not really that close to your abode. This is due to the fact that a limited number of facilities or services are only made available on one of the sites. You will be guided in this scenario.

These clinics are solely managed by members of our nursing staff that are specialists.

  • Fundus Fluorescein Angiography
  • Minor Operations
  • Post Cataract checks
  • Pre-assessment for surgery

What to expect when you attend the eye clinic

When you get to the clinic and you get to sign in, you will be received by a nurse whose duty is to test and ascertain the condition of your eyes after which drops will be put into it. A large majority of those who come into the clinic will need to have drops put into their eyes. This will assist in getting the pupils dilated so that the doctor may be able to have a good examination of the eyes. It should take about 30 minutes for the drops to properly function; in some instances, you may have to get a second dosage. You may feel a little sting from thee drops when they are applied, also you vision may become blurred. This blurred vision may persist for about 6 hours and you should not drive in this period of time.

Available Doctors

Dr. Parthiv Mehta

Dr. Parthiv Mehta

Chief Medical Advisor ( M.D., F.C.C.P. )

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the CUH Multi Specialty Hospital.
While building this institution we have been guided by one primary consideration; that there should be no compromise in the quality of care that we deliver, and today our hospital is amongst the best having the latest of equipments and the best of doctors.
Our services have already gained international recognition and I am proud to say that we have treated patients from almost everywhere. In the future, I see our hospital becoming a global health-care provider offering an international standard of health care at affordable prices.

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