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Multi-Slice CT Scan

CUH Institute of Radiology is outfitted with GE CT scanner. It guarantees least conceivable radiation presentation with greatest obtaining productivity, improved application conventions and constant tube current balance. It gives speed, determination, picture quality, diminished measurement, and scope. Speedier acquisitions at lessened measurement help empower a larger cluster of cutting-edge applications.

Gives clinicians the speed to perform more forceful conventions for CTA. What’s more, a lung output can be performed in a single breath hold. Multi-stage investigations of the liver and pancreas likewise advantage from the expanded speed.

CT/e Dual’s sub-millimeter procurement (with no post-persistent collimation) gives the high spatial determination required for the perception of little life systems, for example, the sound-related ossicles and the fine detail of the knee, wrist or lower leg. Extraordinary IQ can be produced for investigations of the back fossa.

Using Design for Six Sigma systems, GE CT Scanner constructed a UI that gives quick, exact exams, and also enhances understanding throughput and staff profitability.

What can you Expect?

To make you comfortable during the scan, we will do all the possible ways we have. You may be asked to lie back, on your stomach, or to a side on a table, towards the centre of the CT Soon after you are inside the machine, the X ray beam rotates around you.

Some of the Scans requires some special dyes, which are called as contrast material. This is to highlight certain areas and to get some clearer images. Contrast will be given to you through your hand or forearm vein, or you may even be asked to drink it, if your scan requires the contrast.

Your feelings

If the contrast is applied through die, you may sometimes feels burning sensation, but its quite normal and safe. You may also feel a metallic kind of taste on your mouth. These sensations are very much normal and won’t last for minutes.