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With great honour and pleasure, we welcome you to the CUH Multi Speciality Hospital, Ahmedabad.

This hospital was born out of the fulfilment of my mother’s wish to give back to society something of enduring value. As it is said that, ‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book’ we are trying to provide complete care and attention to our patients to give them the both.

While building this institution we have been guided by one primary consideration; that there should be no compromise in the quality of care that we deliver, and today our hospital is amongst the best hospitals of the state having the latest of medical equipments and the best of doctors.

We are a young hospital and therefore a very modern one. We follow the latest technology and treatment methods to cure the disease. We believe in consulting with at most honesty to start the treatment at the required time. We know the value of money and time and hence, at our hospital, we provide all the medical services at the most affordable rate and in the given time frame.

Our services have already gained international recognition and I am proud to say that we have treated patients from almost everywhere. In the future, I see our hospital becoming a global health-care provider offering an international standard of healthcare at affordable rates. We are a part of the Indian Medical Tourism and are recognised for curing the most critical diseases at our center.

In addition to the continuous advances in technology, our focus on continuous improvement on the quality front is of paramount importance. We keep pace with the latest treatment developments and our doctors are always well-trained to proceed with the most recent developments of surgery and treatment.

Dr. Parthiv Mehta

( M.D., F.C.C.P. )

Chief Medical Advisor