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Laryngology is simply a branch of medicine which has a core mandate of dealing with injuries as well as illnesses as it affects the larynx, known as the voice box. The disorder of the larynx may be as a result of injury or strain to the vocal cords of a person as a result of the voice being misused.

What is the function of our Laryngological clinic?

Our laryngologists deal with surgical procedures pertaining to the human voice, swallowing disorder as well as airways as it affects the voice box and the throat.

Diseases that could affect the larynx

There are quite a number of conditions which could actually affect the larynx, some of them include:

Disorders that could be as a result of the overuse, abuse and misuse of your larynx

Vocal cord nodules: This is simply a benign, small inflammatory lesion on the human vocal cords. Nodules can be considered as one of the more common vocal lesions which are non-cancerous. Singers as well as people whose jobs and lifestyle require a lot of demands on their voice.

Vocal cord haemorrhage: This involves a sudden loss of the voice of the person as result of shouting, screaming.

Laryngopharynx reflux (LPR0)

Dysphagia: A condition which makes it difficult for those suffering it to swallow

Vocal cord motion disorders: These may be as a result of surgery performed on the thyroid gland, thoracic surgery, spine surgery etc.

Treatment of larynx diseases

The treatment that would be administered to you when you step into our clinic largely depends upon what the diagnosis is. For instance, certain conditions such as misuse, vocal abuse or the overuse of the voice can be remediated using a simple approach such as resting.

It is worthy of note that a vast majority of the conditions which affects your larynx can be treated if you are smart enough to walk into our clinic the first time you noticed the symptoms. Our team offers the best services that should get your larynx back in good shape in little or no time at all.

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