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Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory tests are useful in checking samples of your urine, blood as well as body tissues. What the technician or doctor simply does is to have the test samples analyzed with a view to ascertaining if the results obtained fall within the expected range. The tests make use of a defined range due to fact that what is viewed as normal varies from one person to the other. The fact is that the outcome of laboratory analysis goes a long way in determining if a patient is admitted or discharged from an hospital. There are a number of factors which have an effect on tests analysis. These factors include;

  • Race, age and sex
  • The drugs you make use of
  • The food you eat and what you drink
  • How religiously you adhered to the pre-test instruction.

Doctors at CUH may also get your results compared with that of tests conducted earlier before. Laboratory tests are indeed an important component of a routine checkup to ascertain variations that may occur in your health. They also assist the doctors in the process of diagnosing certain medical conditions, while also evaluating and planning the needed treatment as well as in the monitoring of diseases.

The functions carried out by our laboratory analysts and scientists includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Carry out microscopic analysis and examination of body fluids such as urine, cerebrospinal fluids, blood as well as cells and tissues.
  • detection and diagnosis of diseases for the action of the attendant physician
  • carry out the analysis of fluids in the body for chemical analyses which includes cholesterol and glucose
  • get blood cross matched for the purpose of transfusion
  • have the outcome of the patient monitored

What exactly makes our Lab Analysis services unique?

Here at CUH, our laboratory experts assist in getting everything in order ranging from carrying out unique diagnostic tests to screening for the purpose of making available useful information for the doctors so as to come up with the right care plan for the patients. Here are a few benefits of dealing with us;

  • Our services are reasonable and affordable without compromise in quality
  • We offer the option of billing your insurance provider directly
  • The patient is guaranteed comfort as well as confidence of getting the best and reliable results from our lab analysis

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