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Knee Replacement

A disease such as arthritis or severe injury may damage your knee and cause persistent pain. A knee replacement procedure or arthroplasty is a favourable remedy that will relieve the pain and regain the knee’s functionality. Arthritis is a degenerative illness that wears out the knee tissue. During replacement, our doctors will remove all damaged tissue and bone. They will replace it with an artificial joint that comprises polymers and plastics. The artificial joint could be from metal alloys.

Knee pain can be caused by;

Doctors at our hospital take time to discuss with you the options because you can choose from a broad range of alternatives.


While knee replacement may be inevitable, it may come with several side effects. Patients are likely to experience blood clots in the lungs or leg veins, nerve damage, infections, heart attacks or stroke. Artificial joints could also wear out or fail if they are subjected to tremendous stress. Despite the risks, our doctors will take the necessary measures to mitigate the effects and increase the success rate. In case of an anomaly after the surgery, visit our hospital and consult the doctor immediately.


Our knee replacement services are up to the global standard levels. We treat our patients with utmost care and offer them quality services during and after the procedures. A knee replacement provides:

  • Pain relief
  • Agile mobility
  • A general enhanced quality of life

The healing period could be four to six weeks, and then you are back to normal life activities. However, artificial joints can only endure light to ordinary events. Such activities could be regular walking, playing comfortable sports, jogging, driving, biking among others. Undue stress and pressure is detrimental and could lead to the replacement failure. Our hospital offers guidance to patients and follow-up care. You can always come to see the doctor any time they need a check-up or have queries.

Our knee replacement services include:

  • Arthroscopic services of the knee (PCL/ACL/Meniscal Repairs)
  • Orthopaedic oncology
  • Physical therapy
  • Trauma care for orthopaedics

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