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In-house Pharmacy

CUH hospital possesses a 24/7 in House Pharmacy within the premises which makes available a 24/7 service to the inpatients as well as those who may be coming into the hospital on the basis of outpatient.

The pharmacy is also loaded with certain essential drugs as well as surgical products as well as prescription drugs.

This pharmacy is loaded with optimum number of drugs which makes sure of the availability of every one of the medicines as prescribed by the doctors. The trained professionals contained in the pharmacy assist the patients for the better advice and care in making use of the drugs. Real care is engaged in giving out the drugs to the patients and therefore, this pharmacy is the best.

Benefits of an in-house pharmacy safety

The overall wellbeing as well as the security of your patients should always be the first concern, hence, it is quite vital to state that one of the major advantages of an in-house medicine store is for the purpose of ensuring that it is less tasking for patients to get the best of care. The larger portion of rheumatology patients are quite more seasoned persons and a large number of them need to come up with transportation arrangement to their arrangements and back.


A large number of your patients are busy people who have a whole lot in their schedule. Making them a one quite shopping thus background helps in saving valuable time while also giving them an administration which they should be able to appreciate. By making available an in-house drug store, you should be able to assist in bringing the figures down for your Rheumatology patients.


Being Rheumatologists, each and every one of the patients you treat comes with unique needs and therefore, having their solutions accessible and open when they need them is quite vital for the purpose of effective medications as well as well-being in the long-run. What an in-house drug store implies is that you have a good measure of control over accessibility, and also that your patients will get to have the capacity to possess what they need when they need it.

Ready to go in-house?

Obviously, in-House drug stores make available a number of advantages to you in terms of your training as well as for your patients. This arrangement is quite useful especially for rheumatic sicknesses, this is because the condition is usually treated using the claim to fame drugs, which usually allows the in-house drug store to remain concentrated on this particular type of care. In a scenario where you reside in a state wherein the in-house drug stores are genuine and have the feeling that it would be of great advantage to the patients, it may well be a unique opportunity for your to achieve your very own in-house program.