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Hip Replacement

Rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis bone tumours, and other injuries are capable of damaging the hip. At our hospital, we offer the best care and procedures for treating damaged hips. Our doctors will remove the damaged part and replace it with other materials such as hard plastic or metal. The artificial replacement will enhance functionality and reduce pain. If your hip is interfering with daily activities, come to our hospitals and let our doctors offer you a lasting solution.


While considering a hip replacement, bear in mind the side effects. Among them are possible blood clots, infections due to incisions, fractures, dislocation, and the leg length may change, and some people experience loosening of the implant. These effects should not discourage you because our doctors are excellent at mitigating them. They will give you antibiotics and teach you other necessary measures that will prevent the impact.


Patients who come to our hospital are assured of the best care throughout the procedure. We prepare the patients by informing them about the operation and answering their questions. Our doctors also conduct examinations and tests to ensure that all precautions are observed. After a few weeks, patients can do mild activities. The new implant increases the range of motion and enhances your quality of life. After a full recovery, you can enjoy hiking, swimming, riding, playing golf, biking and other normal activities.


Our hospital has the all the facilities and resources required for a hip replacement procedure and aftercare. The two common types of hip replacements are:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Metal on metal hip resurfacing

Doctors are there throughout to help you with any issue or queries requesting clarification. In case of an unforeseen eventuality, report immediately to our hospital, and we will attend to you shortly. Our mission is offering the world-class standards of healthcare to all patients.

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