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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Sinuses are cavities inside the human skull that are located around the eyes and nose, within the front of the face. This produces mucus and makes moisture in the nasal passages. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is the most common type of Sinus Surgery. Endoscopic is a surgical process, where the doctor uses special camera attached to an endoscope to see inside the nose and sinuses to remove and clean the blockages and sinuses.

Causes of sinusitis

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After the operation, some effects occur like a small amount of bleeding which can be controlled by the nasal packing. Nasal packing is sterile gauze-like material that inserts in the nasal passage to control the bleeding. Nasal packing absorbs the bleeding and other effects like discomfort, congestion, fatigue. You have to regularly visit your doctor for a routine check-up for 2 months. Another method known as debridement is required for cleaning blood from sinuses and prevents early connective tissue formation after the surgery.

Recurrence of Disease

  • Spinal fluid leak
  • Visual problems


After surgery, the blockage in the nasal packages is removed. The congestion is relieved and the patient is able to breathe. Just after the surgery, patient may feels discomfort sometimes for a short span. Some time as a complication of sinus surgery patient feels a change in their voice or loss of smell.

Once the surgery is done, the patient can resume his normal activates in just 3 to 5 days. But still the patient needs some kind of medical therapy for pain and Infection after surgery.

The patient has some restriction also like avoiding alcohol and Tobacco use. Patient has to stay away from allergens, Dust and cold area.

Risk factors

  • A nasal passage abnormality
  • Asthma
  • Aspirin sensitivity
  • An mmune system disorder
  • Hay fever
  • Regular exposure to pollutants

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Dr. Parthiv Mehta

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