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Central United Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The hospital is nationally accredited for providing excellence in the healthcare industry for years. For any hospital or healthcare unit, it is important to have a strong foundation of medical excellence in terms of technology, diagnostics, facility, infrastructure, expertise and service. We constantly aim to provide the best expertise and service to our patients that play a major part in the speedy health recovery.


We Care About You

Embrace your Health

Health is the most important factor. If you embrace good health and hygiene, you are likely to live a healthy lifestyle avoiding certain health issues and disorders. We believe that a person should himself take care of his health before anyone else does. If you embrace your health, you are surely going to be healthy and happy. For maintaining good health the diet, lifestyle and exercise plays an important role.

Primary Health Care

At CUH, we provide primary health care based on scientifically and socially acceptable methods. We use technology that is approved for a medical or a healthcare sector. Our treatments are purely based on the scientific research and conclusions made by the medical experts. We believe that health is the most important factor for a happy living and we try our best to provide the best healthcare treatment using our expertise and skills.

Improve Patient Care

Achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction is all what we aim. For improved patient care we believe in increasing the awareness amongst the public along with more healthcare regulation. Because hospital infrastructure and facilities plays an important role in improved patient care, we have all the latest technologies and equipments for giving our patients the best medical service and treatment. Factors such as access, waiting, information, administration and ancillary services are taken care at our hospital.