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CT Scan

CT scan is also known as a CAT scan, which is performed for diagnosing medical diseases. It uses the x-ray that produces cross-sectional images of the body. CT scan is a different process than the x-ray machine. It provides a more detailed scan than the x-ray machine. In our hospital, we offer facilities like CT scan and ultrasound and using modern technologies like:

CT Scan Facts

CT scan provides a doctor to look inside the body without any surgery. Using the CT image, the doctor can see the infections, muscle disorders, and bone fractures. It additionally it gives essential information about wounds on a patient’s hands, feet, and other skeletal structures. Indeed, even little bones are unmistakably noticeable, and also their encompassing tissue.

Body parts where CT scan can be used:

The procedure of CT scan

While going for a CT scan, the patient is not allowed to eat or drink for a few hours before the CT scan, since the patient needs to take some Injection before the scan. During the process of CT scan, our hospital will provide a gown to put on. No jewellery is allowed in CT scan.


As we know that CT scan uses the radiation, which is not harmful. Though, there are a few chances of cancer which is very rare. Cancer through a CT scan can be increased only if you have multiple CT scan in your life. If you’re pregnant, then you should not have a CT scan. In such cases, there are some other scans like MRI, which can minimize risk.