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CT Angiography

CTA is utilized to examine the health of blood vessels in your body. It can be used to recognize debilitated segments of supply routes or veins and to visualize blood flow; also to identify fat or calcium stores (plaques) in the coronary courses. CT Angiography scanner utilizes a mix of an innovative X-beam scanner and modern PC examination to give point by point, 3D pictures of your loving heart and significant veins. CT angiography gives your doctors more-exact images of your veins than either MRI or ultrasound innovation.

Before Scan

Patient has to take medications which are going on. The patient is not allowed any fasting or dieting during the exam; only water is permitted. The hospital will provide a gown which is only allowed to wear during the exam.

After Arriving

At the hospital, you can discuss with your doctor if there is any problem like allergies or any questions you have before the exam and if you are pregnant. The best heart rate will be 60; must be at 60 beats per minute. If it goes high than the doctor will give you a pill that will lower your heart rate. It will take some time for the medicine to lower your heart rate.

During Scan

While you are in the scan room, the nurse will instruct you the process of scan and tell you thing you need to do during the scan process. You have to lie flat on your back. In some case, there will be side by side process. The slide will be inside the scanner and only covering part will be examined. There will be some time the technologist will ask you to hold your breath for some time.

After Scan

The lab technologist will examine you the result and write a report within 24 hours. After the scan, you can have your regular diet.