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Colour Doppler Echocardiography

Echocardiography is simply the diagnostic test which makes use of ultrasound waves for the purpose of creating an image of the muscle in the heart. The ultrasound waves which bounces back or simply reverberate from the heart should be able to illustrate the shape, size, as well as the development of the heart valves in addition to the blood stream via the heart. Echocardiography may Indicate such differences from the norm as below par working heart valves or cause damage to the tissues of the heart as a result of an initial assault to the heart.

Why you should do Doppler echocardiogram

A Doppler echocardiogram simply helps in measuring the direction and speed of the flow of blood inside of the heart. It also assists in getting the four valves screened for leeks as well as other abnormalities. By giving colors to the blood flow direction, large portions of the blood flow may be analyzed. The color flow mappings permit abnormal blood flow features to be inferred upon by the cardiologist. It is even more vital for the evaluation of maladies as they concern the human heart valves. It does not only allow specialists gain access to valves of the heart, it is also able to detect irregularities as contained within the bloodstream. For instance, the retrogressive blood stream via non-complete valves of the heart which is known as the spewing forth.

CUH Multi Specialty Hospital has advanced and dedicated color Doppler Echo Machine

  • Treadmill Stress Test(TMT) – TMT is simply one unique feature of our hospital as a result of wide experience. Our own is the only hospital where TMT is carried out by DM cardiologist. Also, special attention is given to carrying out the job with great levels of accuracy as well as the safety of the patient.
  • Intensive coronary Care Unit(I.C.C.U) – The ICCU at CUH Multi Specialty Hospital is perhaps one of the best and equipped in the whole of Ahmedabad.
  • I.C.U Ward – The I.C.U ward is made up of Channel cardiographic Machine, A.B.G Analyzer as well as round the clock attendance of a present resident doctor in addition to a staff Nurse and the rounds of medical consultants who have the duty of monitoring the situation of the patients who are admitted inside the ward.
  • N.I.C.U ward – We have a well-stocked N.I.C.U ward which has the latest in terms of equipment for the Neonatal patients. We also possess a provision of Radiant warmer as well as Pulse-Oximeter.
  • Ultrasonography – Ultrasound sonography tests are carried out under the eyes of dedicated and experience doctors.