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Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

The minimal invasive surgical process is one that is carried out using a telescope kind of instrument which is referred to as an endoscope which is inserted into the human body using certain surgical incisions. The telescope which is connected with a camera, is used to help provide the surgeon with a clearer view of site of operation which enables a more accurate work. What the video does is to help project a view of the site being operated upon video monitors which can be found inside the operating room. Added smaller incisions are made with a view to make use of rather small surgical tools with a view to performing the said procedure.

One thing that makes our advanced laparoscopic surgical procedure the best is the fact that our team of expert do it using the best in terms of technology while also regularly updating skillset.

Application of Laparoscopy

The application of this technique requires having certain skills which can only be said to be quite different from what is required for the traditional surgical procedures. As of now, many generations of fresh surgeons have been trained making use of this technology and the laparoscopic approach has become the standard in gallbladder surgery, this is in addition certain complicated operations which includes splenectomy, anti-reflux, as well as weight loss surgery. This is carried out by our team of dedicated and experienced surgeons with results to show.

We offer quite a number of advanced laparoscopic procedures which covers the following:

Whatever fear of side effects or post-surgical conditions that may arise after the process need not be owing to the fact that our team focuses on delivering on the task with minimum room for errors. You can be sure of getting only the best.

Available Doctors

Dr. Parthiv Mehta

Dr. Parthiv Mehta

Chief Medical Advisor ( M.D., F.C.C.P. )

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the CUH Multi Specialty Hospital.
While building this institution we have been guided by one primary consideration; that there should be no compromise in the quality of care that we deliver, and today our hospital is amongst the best having the latest of equipments and the best of doctors.
Our services have already gained international recognition and I am proud to say that we have treated patients from almost everywhere. In the future, I see our hospital becoming a global health-care provider offering an international standard of health care at affordable prices.

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