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CENTRAL UNITED HOSPITAL is the premier multi-speciality tertiary care hospital of Ahmedabad Gujarat, India. It has been acknowledged nationally as centre of medical excellence. The kind of confidence, trust it has developed on the strong foundation of the state-of-the-art facilities, best medical expertise, that today it serves patients from all walks of life.

Based on a powerful Sanskrit inspiration,

“Serve bhavantu sukhina, serve Santu, Niramaya:” which means “Let all be blissful, Let all stay healthy”, the hospital has focused its operation on providing quality care with a human touch; which truly reflects the essence of its motto.

Being a multi speciality hospital, the medical center takes care of all the consulting as well as treatment procedures in a very secure way. All the patients that are visiting the hospital are being treated with at most care and confidence to make them feel secure and confident. At our hospital, we make sure that the treatment is carried on in the least expensive way to save your hard-earned money. We provide all the latest technologies and facilities at our hospital premises in a comparative fewer rate than the other speciality hospitals.

What makes us special is our team of doctors and medical experts, who are experienced and enriched with latest knowledge and treatment of medical science. Our team of doctors believe in well-being of our patients and hence, they do their best to prevent and cure the various diseases that hamper the life of a human being. We also spread awareness of health and science through different means of communication. Apart from serving our patients at the hospital, we also provide home delivery of medicines to our patients. Our emergency care unit is open for 24 hours to provide instant and immediate treatment to the needy.